It is no easy task for parents to raise a child with special needs. Managing all aspects of special needs child care during a pandemic could be even more time-consuming and more stressful.

The essential services, structure, and routines for a child with special needs have been severely disrupted. Wherein, it also causes additional stress and responsibilities in the family. In most cases, these children have lost access to academic programs and school as well as speech, physical, occupational, and behavioral therapies.

Friends and family can apply these tips to make a big difference in the lives of special needs parents;

  • Be Supportive And Keep In Touch

Parents of children who have special needs often feel isolated and left alone and it’s beneficial to them to let them know that you are there if they need you. While the pandemic is still present, the majority of the families are feeling even more anxious and isolated. Lots of parents are worried about the long-term effects of the pandemic on their children. You can text or email them just to say ‘hello’. You can also use Facetime, Skype, or other social media platforms to keep in touch with them and show support.

  • Listen Without Judgment

Allow parent of children who has special needs to blow off some steam, and cry. No one expects to provide solutions or solve their problems. A supportive voice or a friendly face on the other end of the telephone works perfectly.

  • Help With Day-To-Day Tasks

These days have had a long line everywhere we go. It is now normal to spend one or two hours waiting to enter pharmacies, banks, or supermarkets. There are lots of parents who are not comfortable bringing their children out of their homes for a fear of being infected or being exposed to the virus. Others can’t leave their child with special needs alone at home going out to buy essential errands. If possible, you can offer to shop for them while you do your shopping. It will save parents much need energy and time.

  • Send Them A Meal

A box of chicken, pizza, or any take-out meal from local restaurants could make each one of them feel valued and feel good. Not only it will help the family but also the local business that is already been affected because of the pandemic. Their lots of restaurants also are now providing free delivery.

The Public Support

  • Express your support

Donations are always welcome and appreciated for some who are willing to share what they have. You can look for an organization or a charity that supports this kind of platform. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, there are lots of fundraising events that have been postponed and canceled. However, several organizations and charities made an alternative way to continue their fundraising events such as purchasing their goods and services. You can check with your community about these things.

  • Increase public awareness

This is a perfect time to learn more about an individual with special needs. You can go online or read books to gain a better understanding of these conditions. Start a conversation with a family member or a friend about what you’ve learned.