The New Normal

Even when society is showing up again, there are some restrictions that we need to follow. We need to face also the new normal which changes our way of life. Here are some thoughts about the new normal and tips on how to adjust to the new normal


  1. The Way We Live Is Different
  • Gloves and masks may be commonplace.
  • Queuing is the new normal when visiting a health professional or going to shops. 
  • Public transportations look different because of social distancing and commuters are wearing masks and gloves. 
  • When we hear someone sneezes or coughs we do a double-take. 
  • A higher standard of hand and personal hygiene took place. 
  • We’ll start a holiday season more in our backyard. 

2. The Way We Study And Work Changed 

  • Schools and universities have moved online. 
  • Work changed due to social distancing. There are lots of employees shifted to working from home to lessen traveling on public transportation and gathering groups at the office. Zoom meetings are now the new normal at work. 

3. The Way We Socialize And Connect Is Now Different 

  • No more large crowds because of social distancing. For now, we need to say goodbye to festivals, concerts, plays, museums, and plays. Hopefully, they can return soon. 
  • Not being able to see loved ones especially elderly parents, grandparents, pregnant friends, or those with health conditions that can be at risk in Coronavirus Disease. 
  • Cheek-kisses, handshakes, or hugs are now replaced with elbow bumps, waves from a distance, and foot shakes.
  • Various cafes and restaurants only serve takeaways at the moment. Even when they reopen there still restrictions when we dine-in, social distancing will be in place, and shared plates might disappear for quite some time. 


  1. Let yourself grieve to the old normal 

It’s very human to miss the old days and with the many changes, it’s easy to feel a sense of loss. Once you let yourself grieve, there’s more space to start embracing the new normal. 

2. Establish a new routine

During a time of chaos, having a routine might help make some sense of normalcy. You can have home-based workout programs, making your coffee, and have food delivered while having a conversation with friends via Zoom. 

3. Journal your experience

Write down your experience, your feelings, and thoughts, as well as what you’ve done. It can be quite therapeutic. Don’t forget to record the things that make you feel better. 

4. Stay connected in new ways

You can still be connected with your friends in a new way. Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnecting. You can always have a conversation with them through online messaging or text/phone calls. 

5. Stay informed 

While adjusting to the new normal that the Coronavirus Disease has brought, it is helpful to keep an eye on the news. Being updated will help you know what you are allowed to do and what you aren’t. Get the news from reputable resources.