The New Normal After Lockdown

It’s been almost a year since the government implemented a nationwide lockdown. Some people have already stopped counting especially when the positive cases are continually climbing up. Along with this pandemic, there came an unforeseen collapse in the economy that was felt overseas and locally as well. Businesses have closed and markets have crashed. It’s as if people are already trying to come to terms with the new normal. While there are some still dealing with the immediate effects of the disease in their respective lives, some have adapted well. Below are some useful points that you must take away after coming out of the quarantine.

1. You Need To Set Goals That You Always Wanted To Achieve

Your goals must be your guidance in every move you make. Your goals must be your goals and not from others. Always take note that you should carve your path. Some people are prone to living up to the expectations of friends and family. There are lots of lives that have been altered because of the opinion of others and sticking to societal standards.

2. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Come From

If you are still wallowing in a corner and asking why you lost your job then you are no good. If you did not get infected with the disease even after the pandemic, it is great news. You have all the time to start thinking about how you will recover emotionally and financially.

3. Seek For Help If You Need It

Looking for help is difficult especially if you are already in a stressful situation. Never be afraid to ask because it is always on the way even when you least expect it. Getting the support you need in any form whether it is from the government, family or friends will open you up to new perspectives. Whether it is in-kind support from your community or financial support from your in-laws it is worth it when you need it. If it is emotional support, accept that it is a strange time and you need to reconnect with your family or friends. It is good for your heart and mind. Once you get the assistance you need don’t forget to pay it forward. Outspread support when you can like an infection that you must let kindness spread like wildfire.

However, until there is an effective and safe coronavirus vaccine available, there’s still a chance of being infected with the disease even as people get back to normal life. The protective practices you learned from the beginning of the outbreak can continue to protect you and your family even after lockdown which slows the spread of the disease. Here’s what you still need to follow;

  • Physical And Social Distancing: continue to stay at least 2 meters far from other people.
  • Wearing Of Face Mask: cover your nose and mouth using masks to protect yourself and others from the infection.
  • Handwashing: you still need to wash before and after going out of your house, going shopping, eating, or preparing food.
  • Continue To Practice Mindfulness: as you all did this during stay-at-home orders, continue with your stress relief. Mental well-being is a key aspect of health.