Post-Pandemic: Healthy Habits You Should Hold On To

The things we’ve encountered during lockdown have discovered more time for things we might never have the opportunity to do before. A lot of people have developed healthier habits, spent more time with family and friends, and reconnecting with other relatives. There are various reports that most of the people had a better connection with their family and picking up new hobbies as well as increasing physical activity.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite healthy habits to come out of the pandemic, with tips for how you can maintain them as restrictions ease.

1. Appreciating Nature

Various places of work have temporarily closed or moved to a working-from-home set-up, there are meaningful breaks, often spending their meals along with green scenery.

Connecting with nature is one of many ways to support your mental health. Even when returning to your workplace, you can still try walking through a park at lunchtime and make it a new habit.

2. Getting Physical

While some have taken a bit of a hit from the pandemic of their fitness goals, many have increased their physical activity. Those who exercised 1 to 2 times each week before the pandemic has now increased their activity by 88%.

It could be overwhelming if the usual have returned if you’ve recently picked up a new healthy habit. Time can be a big factor in preventing people from exercising, so why not try and schedule your exercise routine into your workday. There are plenty of free exercise classes online or social sports you can join near your workplace.

3. The ‘Me-Time’

When workplaces, gyms, cafes, and pubs have closed, some people have realized they had some time to kill. A lot of them took the opportunity to learn new skills or refresh old ones, sometimes even starting a project they’d be putting off for a few years. Psychological reports tell us that taking on these tasks in the middle of a pandemic is more beneficial than just killing boredom. Doing regular mental challenges trains our mental pathways, improving their effectiveness. If you’ve found something you enjoy doing during the pandemic, try keeping it up for 30 minutes twice a week. Don’t let it slip away just because everything has to turn into normal.

4. Being Kind

Studies have shown that when showing an act of kindness, it delivers a bigger happiness boost to you than the person you’re helping. There are some easy ways you can continue offering kindness to others outside of the pandemic. Consider simply helping a neighbor with their rubbish bins or saying “thank you” to someone. Not only will you be helping someone else, but you’ll also be helping yourself as well.

5. Connecting More

People have become more tolerant of each other despite some initial frustration of being in close quarters. The uncertainty of the future has forced us to re-evaluate the foundations of our own lives, and that’s led to some relationships coming closer together. Quality time is crucial to keeping this increased connectedness going. For those living with their partner, you could schedule a regular date night at home where you make each other dinner. For those looking to maintain their positive relationships with family outside the home try expressing regularly your gratitude to those people.