Pandemic Healthy Eating Habits

Having a lot of time staying at home with health protocols, everyone is a lot closer to snacks and facing more stress. Wherein, it triggers overeating and bad food choices. Use these healthy tips to keep your waistline in check;


Identifying the reasons that make you want to eat if you are not hungry is an important step in maintaining a healthy eating habit.

  • Stress Eating

Take a few minutes and do some mental detective work to determine why you want to eat. Consider thinking if it could be boredom, stress, or feeling emotional. You can stay busy and keep your mind involved in something and be active. You can do exercise instead of stress eating.

  • Mistaking Thirst For Hunger

If you feel that you are hungry but it is not mealtime yet, drink some water and see if you feel better. Hunger is sometimes mistaken for thirst. Besides, drinking water helps you stay hydrated. Avoid drinking sweet beverages as it can trick the mind and stimulate hunger.


The first step is to know why you want to eat and then take action. You can try these tips;

  • Establish A Meal Schedule

If you want to eat but not mealtime yet, wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes to see if you are still hungry. If you are usually hungry at a certain time between meals, set a time for a healthy snack, and stick to it.

  • Eat Mindfully

Give your mind and body to enjoy each delightful bite if you are eating and satisfying a craving.

1. Make Use Of All Your Senses: Incorporate all of your senses into your eating experience and it will help you savor every bite.

2. Sit Down At The Table: Remove distractions such as checking your social media or watching a video. If you are distracted, you are most likely to not pay attention to what and how much you are eating.

3. Chew Slowly: It might take at least 15 to 20 minutes for the food to reach your stomach and begin registering that you are satisfied. You are more likely to overeat if you eat too fat since your stomach won’t have had time to register that it is full.


Making good food choices will go a long way to keep you eating healthy.

Conquering cravings: If you are starving and looking for something to eat, make good choices rather than grabbing something unhealthy.

  • Choose fruit if you want something sweet.
  • If you are carving for salt, measure one ounce of nuts.
  • For crunchy you can have carrot sticks, celery, or other raw veggies.
  • If you need chocolate, allow yourself to one square just to satisfy that craving.


What we eat is as important as how much to eat. Try satisfying your craving with a small portion of what you want. You do not need to clean your plate. Eat until you’re nearly full and not until there is nothing left on your plate. Portioning out snacks and meals ahead of time will help. Having a snack-size bag is very helpful to avoid overeating.