Importance of Exercise During Pandemic

Regular exercise is vital for every person in normal situations. However, here are a few reasons why exercise is particularly important during the pandemic:

  • Exercise boosts the immunity

Research shows that moderate-intensity exercise has an immune-boosting benefit that helps your body fight off infections including COVID-19

  • Exercise prevents weight gain

Exercise could help you burn more calories by offsetting the effects of inactive activities and dietary changes.

  • Exercise decreases anxiety and stress

Exercise is a recognized as mood-booster that helps adults build emotional resilience and decrease stress levels.

  • Exercise improves sleep 

There is evidence showing that regular exercise helps improves sleep quality and helps you fall asleep faster. Accomplishing a good night’s sleep can also help boost your immune system. 

Exercise can be particularly helpful for people with pre-existing health problems and older adults. Having regular exercise helps improve mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Also, it can boost energy and overall well-being. 

How to Stay Physically Active despite Outbreak 

If you are an older adult or have a chronic condition, you need to check with your doctor before starting a new home exercise program. Your doctor will recommend exercises that are safe for you and will let you know what types of exercise you should avoid.

Here are a few recommendations to help you get moving:

  • Exercise with family: Exercise is a great chance for fun together with your family. Backyard soccer games bike, rides, walks, dance parties, or living-room yoga sessions are just some of the examples of how you and your household members will be able to exercise together.
  • Get outdoors: Jogging, walking, hiking, or cycling is some of the things you can do to help you get some fresh air while staying safely away from others. Consider breaking your workout up into several 10-minute sessions if you don’t have that much time. 
  • Take a virtual class: If you have the financial means, consider supporting your r personal trainer local fitness studio by signing up for training sessions or online fitness classes. Some personal trainers offer private virtual sessions customized to your preferences, schedule, and needs. Having a training session on your calendar lets you intermingle with other people in a fun way. This might also be just the motivation you need to keep up with your fitness regime.
  • Online exercise videos: Whether you enjoy dance, yoga, strength training, or another style of workout, chances are you can find a service that offers online videos. Also, various exercise studios and other community organizations are now providing on-demand virtual fitness content. 
  • Challenge calorie-burning routines: Routines such as working in the garden, cleaning out the garage, or washing the car gives an excellent chance to burn calories and build muscles. In addition to your accomplishment after your workout, finishing a household task will profit even more feel-good benefits.
  • Challenge yourself: Set an exercise goal and make a plan to work toward achieving it. Make an effort to make your body healthier than usual.