The hydroxychloroquine is a type of medicine calleda disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD).  This arthritis is caused by the immune systemattacking the joints. This is available without any brand name. The hydroxychloroquineis also now being continuously studied as one of the medicine for the COVID-19.The COVID-19 is known as severe acute respiratory syndrome. This is a syndromethat attacks the weak immune system. The COVID-19 is known to be fatal to thosewho have a weak immune system.

The COVID-19 causes pulmonary infections and it isalready pandemic. The efforts of international health authorities have sincefocused on the rapid diagnosis and isolation of patients. There are manystudies for therapies and one of these is the hydroxychloroquine. The moleculeof the hydroxychloroquine is described as one of the potent inhibitors of thesaid virus. The initial trial of this medicine is already imposed. It leads tofurther trials and the possible mechanism. It is also currently discussed its interferencewith the replication cycle of the virus.

Whatis COVID-19?

This is an infectious disease caused by a newgenetic of a coronavirus. The outbreak of the COVID-19 happens in Wuhan, Chinain 2019. The outbreak then has spread to over 100 countries in the world. TheCOVID_19 is now considered as pandemic as it affects the global economy,health, and living. The vaccine for these diseases is still being studied.There are cases that COVID-19 can be asymptomatic. This happens when the hosthas a strong immune system. However, most of the cases and patients around theworld have manifested some symptoms.

Thesymptoms of the COVID-19

You have to be careful with social contact becausethis virus is easily spread. It is recommended to observe self-quarantine ifyou have experienced most of the symptoms. Take precautionary measures as soonas possible. The symptoms of the virus are usually visible in 2 weeks.

  • Feverand muscle pain
  • Sorethroat and dry cough
  • Severesymptoms are pneumonia and organ failure
  • Coughand shortness of breath               
  • Productionof sputum

Howdoes the hydroxychloroquine works?

This has the presence of the hydroxyl group at theend of the side chain. This appears as a versatile bioactive agent reported topossess antiviral activity. This has already proven some treatment tovirus-infected patients.  These also workby inhibiting the vitro replication of the virus in the epithelial lung cellculture. The content of the hydroxychloroquine inhibits the entry of the viralcycle. It interferes with viral particles binding to their cellular cellsurface receptor.

It works in the immune system through cell signalingand the regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This can also impair anotherearly stage of virus replication by interfering with the pH-dependentendosome-mediated entry. Aside from affecting the virus maturation process italso affects its growth and maturation. The work of the Chloroquine is alsobased on the age, weight, and severity of the illness. The onset of the effectsof the Chloroquine can be observed right away.

Hydroxychloroquinewith other medicine

This may lower the effectiveness of vaccines such asrabies. It lowers the vaccines that are administered into the skin. Have yourvaccine ahead of time or before you will take this medicine. The Antacids thatare used to treat indigestion and heartburn can reduce the absorption ofchloroquine from the gut. This may mean the full dose is not absorbed into thebody. To avoid such a situation you have to take the antacid ahead of time.

Cimetidine can also prevent the breakdown ofchloroquine by the liver. This eventually leads to an increased level ofchloroquine in the blood. You should avoid taking cimetidine with chloroquineas it may increase the risk of side effects. Let your doctor know if you arerecently taking Cimetidine.

Howto use the hydroxychloroquine?

Take this medication by mouth after eating yourmeal. You have to take this as directed by your doctor. This has specificweekly dosing which is also set by the doctor. The length of the treatment isstill being studied but you have to base it on your medical condition. Stick tothe duration of dose and do not take it if you go beyond the dosage period.Follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid the worst side effects. You alsohave to take it ahead of other medications you have.

The hydroxychloroquine should be used in cautionwith elderly people. Tell your doctor if you have existing diseases such askidney and liver diseases. People with severe gut disorders and diabetes mustobserve proper treatment. This is not allowed for breastfeeding or pregnantwomen. Inform your doctor if you just had surgery or you just gave birth.

Commonand Serious Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

  • Nausea,stomach cramps and loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea,dizziness, and headache

If any of these effects persist or worsen, notifyyour doctor promptly. Stop taking the hydroxychloroquine if it causesuneasiness and severe effects. Inform your doctor if one of the side effectsoccurs. Below are the lists of the severe side effects of hydroxychloroquine.

  • Bodypain and slow heartbeat
  • Symptomsof heart failure
  • Shortnessof breath, swelling, and unusual tiredness
  • Suddenweight gain and hair loss
  • Mentaland mood changes
  • Hearingloss, worsening of skin conditions
  • Severestomach and abdominal pain
  • Nauseaand vomiting
  • Thismedication may rarely cause low blood

Above is not the complete list of the possible light and severe side effects of the medicine. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor. You can also proceed to an emergency or nearest hospital as much as possible. You can buy hydroxychloroquine online.

Precautionin taking the hydroxychloroquine

  • Takethis medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor
  • Donot take more or less of this drug than prescribed
  • Self-quarantineshould be observed in on-going treatment
  • Keepthis away from the sight and reach of children
  • Donot stop taking it before completing treatment
  • Skippingor changing your dose may affect the treatment
  • Avoidbeing bitten by mosquitoes and other parasitic organisms
  • Stayaway from people when you experience sneezing and cough